Scott Phillips

350PhillipsName: P. Scott Phillips
Country of service and dates: Kherson, Ukraine, 2003-2005
Sector/Program of service: NGO development
Degree earned:BA- Anthropology (93) MA Political Science (98)

Brief service biography:
While serving in the Ukraine from 2003 to 3005, Scott partnered with the Regional Children's Library. He also worked closely with numerous schools and with an empowerment project called Successful Women. At the children's library, Scott worked with staff to develop their skills in fundraising, project design, and project management. Together, they raised enough funds to remodel part of the library and to purchase electronic equipment (computers, television, etc.). Generous donations of books, DVDs, videos, and other learning materials from many of the Embassies in Kiev as well as from local citizens and numerous contacts in the US. Scott also organized seven English clubs, four at the library and three more across the city. Scott further provided learning opportunities for the community by facilitating the development and delivery of numerous seminars on issues ranging from ethnic minority foods to American film analysis.

Picture: Pictured above is Scott and Ukranian co-worker at a newly opened Department of World Studies.