Roscoe Oswald

stony350Name: Roscoe 'Stony' Oswald
Country of service and dates: Honduras, 2004-2006
Sector/Program of service: Water and Sanitation
Degree earned: M.A. in Appropriate Technology
Graduation date: December 2008

Brief service biography:
Stony lived and worked in Ojojona, Honduras, a town just south of the capital, Tegucigalpa.  As a water and sanitation engineer, Stony worked with various organizations on design and implementation of water systems, improved latrine construction, training local water boards, environmental education, and construction of improved wood-burning stoves. Much spare time was also spent researching various yoga techniques. After seeing the positive effects that renewable energy can have on rural livelihoods, Stony decided to come to ASU to learn more about Appropriate Technology.

Stony is currently serving as Vice Director of Border Green Energy Team (BGET),, in Mae Sot, Thailand. He works to provide appropriate technology solutions in refugee camps and ethnic villages along the Thai/Burma border. Although Stony has developed a love for Thai cuisine, a craving still exists for the Honduran plato tipico...refried beans and fresh corn tortillas. Simple, yet satisfying.