Lauren Brown

Name: Lauren Brown
Country of service and dates: Morocco, Alt Ahmed, High Atlas Mountains
Sector/Program of service: Health
Degree earned: B.S. Communication with a minor in Sociology
Graduation date: 2005

From 2006 to 2008, Lauren served in a remote Berber village located in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Working as a health volunteer Lauren aided in home latrine projects which provided running water for 100 homes (1000 people) in two villages. Lauren promoted health education related to safe-drinking water, food safety, hand-washing, oral re-hydration mixes and a mid-wife training. Her position as the elected representative for Gender and Development also allowed her to work women on a variety of issues.

Lauren admits she will always be extremely grateful to her generous host family and village as well as for the knowledge she gained in Morocco. While she admits her work was important, everyday functions like attending village weddings and breaking fast with family during Ramadan has had a profound impact on Lauren. It is amazing, Lauren comments, to see the people in my village living with so little but being so grateful for the things they have.

Lauren describes her college experience in Boone as amazing. She is grateful for the friendships she formed while at ASU and the support she gained while serving in the Peace Corps.