Katie Cavert

KatieCavert.JPGName: Katie Cavert
Country and dates of Service: Nicaragua, 99-01
Sector/ Program: Environmental Education
Degree Earned: MS Technology
Graduation Date: expected May 2011

Katie served 2 years as an environmental promoter for rural schools in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. Adjusting to a small cow town was difficult at first, but Comalapa, Chontales soon became home (although she never liked running into those steers on her walks out of town). She formed relationships with the teachers in her community and led teacher trainings, integrated environmental education into the existing curriculum, started tree nurseries with elementary schools, and also promoted health and well being through aerobics classes. While Spanish had always been an easy course for her, living in Nicaragua, immersed in daily life and culture, challenged her to fully express herself and communicate in the language. She returned to the states after traveling all over Central America and taught Spanish in Asheville, NC. She is now earning her Masters in Appropriate Technology at ASU.

Last summer, Katie was able to return to Comalapa after 8 years. The children had grown up but hadnt forgotten la Kati. Shes pictured above after a hike to Cerro de las Cruces, or Hill of the Crosses, which overlooks the town.